Distinguish Yourself and Advance with This Skill

Darrell Littleberry ·May 23, 2023

It's well known that opportunities to advance are given to those who can distinguish themselves from the crowd.  To be a standout, you've got to make contributions that give you a value-added advantage.  After decades of software implementation consulting, I know that presentation delivery is the skill that will help you distinguish yourself and advance.  

As a professional with over 25 years of presentation experience, I know the positive power of educating others and the gigantic career growth as a result.  I've presented simple and complex information to audiences large and small with great success, and I know it's a skill set that can be taught. 

Presenting information effectively is vital for demonstrating your organizational value and promoting your career.  I invite you to preview my How to Effectively Present Information course on Learnformula to fortify and expedite your success. The course shares an easy-to-follow roadmap to guide and build your acumen to share information clearly and confidently. I reveal the five steps to approach, create and deliver information that is appealing and easy to consume. Each key step unlocks invaluable insight, “how to” instructions, and relatable examples to illuminate concepts enriching your knowledge and ability to present information successfully.

To get the knowledge and skills to fast-track your presentation abilities, increase your value, and elevate your professional profile while sharpening your competitive advantage enroll today!


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