Online Streaming Act Receives Royal Assent

Katelyn Huffman ·May 9, 2023

Canada’s government just announced that the Online Streaming Act has received Royal Assent. This new legislation is designed to create a fair, competitive space for Canadian content creators to produce and promote content through online streaming platforms.

The Online Streaming Act amends the Broadcasting Act, extending its scope to cover online streaming platforms operating in Canada. Some such platforms are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Spotify. Under the new laws, these online streaming platforms will be required to invest a portion of their Canadian revenues into the creation and promotion of content produced by local creators.

Moving forward, the government will need to draft a policy to provide direction to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). A draft of this policy has been published in the Canada Gazette. The final policy will be released for public viewing in the Canada Gazette, Part II. 


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