The One Skill That Will Sink or Soar Your Advancement

Darrell Littleberry ยทMay 14, 2023

While all skills work together to promote your career, one skill continues to sink or soar advancement.  That skill is effective meeting facilitation because it is the single business time staple that instantly exposes your leadership ability and potential.  It is a tricky skill to acquire, with many factors to know and consider.  However, if you become good at it, you will quickly show why you should be given more opportunities to understand objectives, bring the right people together, and efficiently promote desired business outcomes.  On the other hand, deficient meeting facilitation skills will quickly expose poor leadership, lackluster ability to promote engagement, and diminishment of overall time and value.

To acquire skills in effective meeting facilitation, I invite you to review and take my How to Facilitate Effective Meetings course here on Learnformula. 

In this course, I show you how to prepare for facilitation with simple but highly effective elements to structure your meetings for success. I provide invaluable insight into creating a meeting environment that provides collective clarity and genuine interactions while fostering a strong focus on delivering results. To round out the course, I cover common meeting facilitation missteps while enriching your understanding with remedies to help you avoid them.

This course provides the knowledge to immediately transform your meetings into value-added time, fortify your ability to engender energized participation, and meet required objectives while building your overall skill set.  Acquire this ace skill for career growth and leadership advancement by enrolling today!


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